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Watch Ceres Celestial Legend online: Episode 20 Touya's Death

Dr. Kurozuka told Aya that he will lecture Toya on how to be a good father/husband then Aya left to go to Mikage's place to look for Toya. On the other hand, Kagami was conversing with a woman about their plans after their postponed wedding. The woman asked Kagami if he prefers a girl or a boy as their children but Kagami said that he doesn't need to have his own child. Next, Kagami is sitting on an armchair only in robe beside a bed with a sleeping half-naked woman. He was watching tv and remembering the past when someone called him to say that Aya is waiting so he go there. Aya asked where is Toya but Kagami told her that he's dead and will give her Toya's keepsake later then they entered a room filled with busy scientists. A monitor showed a picture of the ovum that they got from Chidori Kuruma mixed with sperm from the chosen ones there. He also told Aya that half of the C genomers there are pregnant too, some were still virgins but all agreed to do ""that"". Aya said that she loved

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