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Watch Ceres Celestial Legend online: Episode 5 Toya's Destiny

Toya beats up the thugs cornering Aki and takes him to where Aya is. Meanwhile Aya and Yuhi are talking and you learn why Yuhi stays at Suzumi's. They fall asleep and Aya wakes up. She goes into Yuhi's room, grabs a book titled, Folklore of Ancient Japan, and goes outside to read it. After reading a legend about a Tennayo, you see Aki. Aya and Aki are finally REUNITED! Although things go astray when Aya turns into Ceres, who tries to kill Aki, and then Aki has to go back to the Mikages. After Aya transforms back she follows after Aki and Toya. She talks with Toya and stays at his apartment.

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