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Watch Ceres Celestial Legend online: Episode 4 The Stolen Hagoromo

Ceres introduces herself and says that Aya and herself are the same person and wants to kill all the Mikages. She also plans on killing Toya (who just showed up), because he works for the Mikages. Ceres starts attacking and Yuhi tries to protect Aya's mom. Yuhi doesn't know who to do, so he kisses Ceres and......She transforms BACK into AYA. Aya slaps Yuhi, while Yuhi tries to explain that nothing was going on. Aya sees Toya standing by the doorway and then her mom. Her mom is in coma. Feeling confused Aya asks Yuhi what happened and says she doesn't remember a thing. While Yuhi is walking away he sees Toya outside he tells him that he protects Aya and that Toya better stay away from her. Back at the Mikage mansion Aki wanders downstairs and hears grandpa saying that he wants Aya killed without Aki knowing. Aki decides to search for Aya, because shes the only thing he that he has left and he needs her just as much as she needs her. While searching for her he gets cornered by

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