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Watch Ceres Celestial Legend online: Episode 3 The One Who Fell to Earth

At the Aogiri's house the head of the house, Suzumi, Yuhi's sister in law, tells Aya that she is a celestial maiden. Suzumi tells her that Mikage have killed many girls like her and that she should stay at the Aogiri's house. Suzumi also gives Yuhi a head band called obey the heavenly maiden band that only a celestial maiden can take off. Aya decides to take off so she leaves a note then heads off to home. At home she accidentally falls asleep on the couch and washes her face. While washing her face she has a vision and she sees the hospital that Aki is at dripping with blood down. At the hospital she sees her mom. Her mom asks her why Aya killed her dad and then she goes CrAzY and tries to KILL Aya. Aya gets stabbed in the hand and transforms into Ceres.

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