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Watch Ceres Celestial Legend online: Episode 2 The Angel's First Kiss

Aya was so confused what had happened to Aki and she burst into tears. Suddenly, her father had come and drew a gun to shot her. When her father reversed side ways, her grandfather shot her father and then Everything burst into Flame and CERES did come out. After which, AYa escaped from the mansion and went up in a tree.. She was crying for it was just yesterday that she and Aki are having fun.. Then a man (SO CUUUUUTTTEEE) called her.. It was then Aya realized that he was the same man who had rescued her from the fall yesterday. He was TOOYA.. Aya keeps on asking him what is really happening and was about to cry hard aloud when suddenle TOOYA kissed her.. She was so shoked at first and the kiss ended she realized that it was her first real kiss.. heheheh Aya told Toya that he was her LIFESAVER. TOOYA ignore this nonsense and told AYA that she must leave the house of Mikage. TOOYA then had gone.. When AYA had come down the tree.. A man hurled her to run.. He was YUUHI and then she went

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