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Watch Ceres Celestial Legend online: Episode 1 The Day the Moon & the Sixteen Stars Align

It was the day before Aya and Aki Mikage's 16th birthday. They had some fun at karaoke, only the word of a fortune teller who foretold trouble coming there way. Suddenly a woman was robbed and Aya tried to help her. While trying to save the woman's purse, she fell off the bridge. Images to her and she floated safely to the ground. She landed on the highway and was rescued by a HOTT guy (named Toya). Aki and Aya were told to come straight home from school, even though they had other plans with their friends on their birthday. When they arrived at their Grandfather's mansion all of their relatives were already there. Confused about what was going on, they received their present. As Aki opened it the same images as before to her and she started to shiver. In the package was a mummified hand. Aya transformed into another woman and the hand was destroyed. At the same time Aki's body had cuts appear and he collapsed. Aya went to help her brother, but was stopped. They told he

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