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What is Kim Possible about?
Disney's smash hit Kim Possible (voiced by Christy Carlson Romano) is all about a high school teen, balancing the cheerleading captain position, honor roll, and many more, including saving the world from villains. Of course, all heroes need a wisecracking, clumsy partner. "KP" is no exception. The comic relief of the heroic duo, Ron (Will Friedle) is always there for Kim. Call Me, Beep Me, If you wanna reach me. [b]Character Guide: Kim Possible - The main character of the show. She's a teen action hero. Cheerleader by day, crime-fighter by night. She's very quick-witted and uses various gadgets to defeat her enemies. Ron Stoppable - Kim's best friend, partner and in third season boyfriend. He's always there for Kim, but sometimes, he causes more harm than help. Dr. Drakken- Kim's main arch-foe. Although he's the one who wants to take over the world, he's not very bright. It's his beautiful, yet dangerous, sidekick, Shego, whom Kim should really be afraid of.

Actors: Nicole Sullivan, Patrick Warburton, Gary Cole, Christy Romano, A.J. Trauth, Ricardo Montalban, Will Friedle, Tahj Mowry, Nancy Cartwright, Jean Smart, Raven-Symone, Shaun Fleming, Rider Strong, John DiMaggio, Nestor Carbonell, Earl Boen
Genre: Kids
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Season 1 of Kim Possible

Season 2 of Kim Possible

    Episode :   
    Episode :   
    Episode :   
    Episode :   
    Episode :   
    Episode :   
    Episode 23: Oh Boyz  

Season 3 of Kim Possible

    Episode :   
    Episode 3: Bonding  
    Episode 4: Bad Boy  
    Episode 7: Overdue  
    Episode 8: Roachie  

Season 4 of Kim Possible

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