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Watch The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse online: Episode 7 The Littlest Tramp / Puffy Goes Berserk

A) Polly Pineblossom sells flowers on snowy street corners. She makes these flowers out of boiled tomatoes which she fishes out of her begger's soup provided by the rescue mission. When ever MM offers to help her, she answers, ""There are others less fortunate than me."" A rich man named Big Murry, keeps tormenting her. In one instance, Murry grinds her flowers into the snow. Mighty Mouse, lifts up the ground petals and deeply inhales their fragrance. (If this all seems rather strange, consider that in ""real life"", a minister saw this scene and believed it to be a reference to cocaine. He forced CBS to cut out this scene). At the end, Big Murry admits that he torments the waif because he's crazy about her. They marry, and as woodland creatures look on, they go off into the sunset and blow up. There's no reason why they blow up, they just do. B) A Rod Serling type announcer explains that on this day, ""The day the hand of fate broke a nail, a planetary harmonic convergence creates a force

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