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What is Common As Muck about?
"You know what God did on the seventh day? He never rested, oh no. He created my... bloody... dustmen. And all the undesirable bits, all the crap he left out of all the other folk he knocked off during the week, he gave to my... sodding... binmen!"<br> Common as Muck is a bitter sweet comedy drama set in and around a northern British town, which follows the lives of a group of refuse collectors.

Actors: Kathy Burke, Jack Watson, Neil Dudgeon, Roy Hudd, Ian Mercer, Freda Dowie, Anthony Barclay, Paul Kember, Michelle Holmes, Edward Woodward, Richard Ridings, Stephen Lord, Nimmy March, George Raistrick, Shirley Stelfox, Tim Healy
Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Common As Muck

Season 2 of Common As Muck

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