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What is Rescue Me (2002) about?
Katie Nash (played by Sally Phillips) is a featured magazine writer for "Eden" having romantic problems in her life. After her marriage failed because she slept with her husband's friend, Katie tries to get back on track. The story also follows her friends from the office where she works-the chief subeditor, Eddie, has some feelings for Katie, when in the meantime, Mel-the Editor's PA, likes Eddie. Sally Phillips made a little commentary: "When I went to the audition for Rescue Me, I came straight off the set for Smack the Pony. I was shattered and covered in wig glue. I was all over the place but fortunately so is Katie! Quite by accident I gave the impression that I was some kind of method actor."

Actors: Sasha Behar, Sally Phillips, Eliza Bennett, Alison Mac, Tamsin Pike, Oliver Chris, Nitin Ganatra, James Lance, Vincent Regan, Stewart Wright, Andrea Lowe
Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Rescue Me (2002)

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