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What is Clue Club about?
Clue Club was a cartoon about four precocious young investigators (Dotty, Larry, D.D. and Pepper) who solved crimes with the help of two bloodhounds, Woofer and Whimper. Dotty, the brains of the team, would stay at home and analyze any clues that the gang found. The older dog, Woofer, thought he was a very good detective so he would always take the credit for solving the case. The laughs in the show were provided by Woofer and Whimper, due to their fear of the spooky places the gang went. The show only had one year of first run episodes, after which it aired in repeats on The Skatebirds under the new title Woofer and Whimper, Dog Detectives. These repeats were severely edited, which made the show particularly hard to follow. After a year on The Skatebirds, CBS reinstated the full episodes and re-ran them on Sundays under the original title. The show ran for another four months, cancelled in January of 1979. Theme Song: There they go, and on the double, to the spo

Actors: David Joliffe, Jams MacGeorge, Paricia Smith, Jim MacGeorge, Tara Talboy, John Stephenson, Bob Hastings, Paul Winchell

Season 1 of Clue Club

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