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What is Strong Medicine about?
Their worlds couldn't be more different but their commitment and passion brings them together. Strong Medicine is a sometimes intense, sometimes hilarious medical drama that takes us inside the world of street level medicine. Dr. Dana Stowe, a Harvard graduate who devotes her life to finding a cure for cancer, and Dr. Lu Delgado, a single mother whose disdain for "the system" has her battling bureaucracy and the budget-concerned chief of staff Dr. Robert Jackson, come together to start The Rittenhouse Women's Health Clinic in Philadelphia. Saucy receptionist Lana Hawkins, attractive Nurse Peter Riggs, and ER Doctor Nick Biancavilla also work in the clinic. Dr. Stowe leaves the clinic to care for her adopted children in season 3 and is replaced by former Army Colonel Dr. Andy Campbell who immediately begins a duel with Lu but after working together for a while, they become close friends. After season four, Nick is transferred to another hospital and Andy takes on Intern Kayla Thorton. T

Actors: Rick Schroder, Joshua Coxx, Patricia Richardson, Janine Turner, Rosa Blasi, Brennan Elliott, Jenifer Lewis, Tamera Mowry
Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of Strong Medicine

    Episode 1: Pilot  
    Episode 10: BRCA1  
    Episode 11: BRCA2  
    Episode 16: Fix  

Season 2 of Strong Medicine

    Episode 1: Donors  
    Episode 4: History  
    Episode 6: Relief  
    Episode 7: Impaired  
    Episode 8: Rebirth  
    Episode 18: Shock  
    Episode 21: Trauma  

Season 3 of Strong Medicine

    Episode 1: Positive  
    Episode 2: Outcomes  
    Episode 3: Stages  
    Episode 12: Blush  
    Episode 14: Poison  
    Episode 17: Orders  
    Episode 22: Risk  

Season 4 of Strong Medicine

    Episode 13: Skin  

Season 5 of Strong Medicine

    Episode 16: Graft  
    Episode 17: Code  

Season 6 of Strong Medicine

    Episode 12: TBA  
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