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Watch Our Hero online: Episode 8 The Birthday Issue

Kale's perspective, So I was turning eighteen finally after what seemed like years of waiting, and I wanted it to be special. I wanted to have some kind of rite of passage or even a symbol-- I dunno, something to show for the fact that I'd made it through to adulthood without stabbing my brother six times in the throat. So I told Malachi about it, and that turned out to be what I like to call a ""poor decision."" First he fed me shots that he and Mary-E made up from leftover bits from the liquor bottles in her recycling bin, I think. Then we partied all night, which normally would've been fun... But then the next morning I woke up mostly naked with a tattoo on my chest in a hotel room on the outskirts of town with a similarly tattooed stranger showering in the washroom. Then things kinda went downhill from there. Happy Birthday to me. So let's just say, after the birthday I had, I'm holding a wee grudge against my boyfriend, Malachi… O.K. a medium-sized grudge. O.K. a plus-sized gargantu

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