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Watch Our Hero online: Episode 6 The Winnie Crundel Issue

Kale's perspective, So our generation is supposed to be liberated, right? I mean, we're so liberated that to us 'liberated' is this hugely outdated word that makes us giggle. HAHAHA. We look smugly back at our parents' generation and think - poor them having to grow their hair to make a statement and having to fight these really obvious issues like racism and sexism. Our world is so much shinier. People are so much more tolerant. Yay us! While all the above may be true in general terms, I'd like to point out that where the PC learning of our youth left off, the narrow-minded views of the ages have taken over. For instance, in the area of ""young women"" and sex, I have recently discovered that we're all just a bunch of red-necked yahoos, scratching our privates and making grunting noises at the people we don't understand. If women want to have sex a lot, that should be fine. If women want to have sex a little, that should be fine, too. If women want to save sex for marriage, what's the

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