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Watch Our Hero online: Episode 4 The Crabby Issue

In an effort to have more excitement in her life and feel like she is making a difference, Kale joins Malachi and his activist friends in building a park in the middle of an intersection to protest the lack of green space. Kale makes the mistake of leaving her palm pilot with all the names and numbers of Malchi's friends, which the police use to apprehend some of them due to the park incident. Meanwhile, happy go luck Mary-E is feeling down due to a cranky clerk at her favorite story refusing to smile and be nice. In order to counter this and brighten the day of many people, Mary-E gets permission from Ms. Terzik-Sykes to have a niceness day at school. Dalal and Ross race against time to put a stop to this niceness day as the two believe that Mary-E's feelings will end of being hurt if this event backfires.

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