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Watch Our Hero online: Episode 12 The If You Love Me And You Know It Issue

Kale is overjoyed and feels a renewed sense of happiness about her relationship with Bill when he finally says that he loves her. This all changes when a continuous painful itching problem sends Kale to the clinic for a checkup. Through the test results, the Doctor diagnosis Kale with chylamidia, a sexually transmitted disease. He begins to ask an embarrassed and ashamed Kale about her sexual history and has a very serious stern lecture with her about protection, having the partner tested, and treatment. Bill's words not meshing well with his actions throw Kale into a whirlwind of confusion and uncertainty. She talks to Gordon who reveals to her that there are people out there who use the special phrase of ""I love you"" for all the wrong reasons when they don't mean it to get laid. He admits that there were times when he was a teenager where he did the same thing, but not anymore. Today he realizes those words are important and must have honest feelings and a meaning behind them.

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