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Watch Our Hero online: Episode 11 The Unresolved Issue

A physically drained and mentally malfunctioning Kale is roaming the school as one of the undead due to her spending all of her time devoted to only Bill and his endeavors. Mary E. begins to become frustrated and worried when she believes Kale's rationalization is warped over not being able to see Bill's band perform live because she has to stay home for her parents' reunion with their friends. At the reunion Joey, Mila, and their friends will unearth and open up a time capsule that they had buried when they were teenagers of their dreams for the future. A concerned Dalal, Ross, and Mary E. decide to have an intervention with Kale to help their friend realize that her relationship is unhealthy. The three trap a weary Kale in an empty classroom and begin to go over all the misfortunes of her being involved with Bill whom they believe has been treating her rottenly since she began going out with him, but somehow Kale is still addictively drawn to him. Mary E. tells Kale that she must

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