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Watch Our Hero online: Episode 10 The Pusher Issue

Kale's boyfriend arrives at her home to meet and have dinner with her parents for the first time. Much to Ethan's amusement and Kale's horror, the siblings discover that Bill is high on pot. At the dinner table, Joey and Mila are able to figure out what a very hungry Bill had been doing earlier by the odor of pot that is emanating from him. After witnessing Bill's actions and behavior, Kale's parents falsely accuse her of using drugs. Now Kale has to endure a humiliating, but hilarious marijuana public service announcement acted out by her parents. At Bill's job, Kale pleads with him to cease his habit of smoking weed. An annoyed Bill reluctantly agrees to give it up. Later, Kale discovers that due to his cancer, it is becoming more difficult for Gordon to consume food and he is dangerously losing weight. He takes marijuana to help him eat and digest his food, but he doesn't have anymore. Kale tells Gordon that she will help him find some. She desperately searches for it, but

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