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Watch Our Hero online: Episode 2 The Passion Issue

One of the teachers at Kale's high school, Mr. Minetta decides to make the special required project a ""Passion Play."" What should be an organized project turns out to be a mess, starting with the the mistitling of the play. Where it should cover the last days of Christ, Mr. Minetta is having the students cover his birth. Also, some students like Dalal are offended by the play's strong religous content being covered in a public school. Mary E. is euphoric and takes great pleasure in being involved in the mixture of a misguided and innacurate handeling of such a serious topic. Kale also doesn't want to do the play because she dreads being the person who has to play a costumed cow again. She discovers that Ross has got the permission to do an alternate ""independent study"" project and decides that she wants to do one on her zines. First she has to meet with her assigned project advisor. She decides to bring all her zines to school for the meeting. There, Kale lets Ross and Mary E. re

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