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Watch Our Hero online: Episode 1 The Imperfect Issue

After years of having every embarassing moment of her life recounted and exaggerated by her father in his newspaper column, 17 yr. old Kale Stiglic has decided that she has had enough. Kale begins searching for something that she could use to publicly embarass her father. When she finally finds the ammunition she needs to get even, it backfires on her and threatens to destroy the marriage of her parents. What makes matters worse is that Kale's annoying 25 yr. old brother, Ethan has separated from his wife and is moving back in with the family. Now she must figure out a way to repair the damage that she is responsible for. Through all this stress that is going on in her life at the moment, she discovers an outlet to express who she is, what she feels and thinks in a zine that she creates entitled, ""Our Hero.""

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