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What is Rich Man, Poor Man Book II about?
The series began shortly after the death of Tom Jordache. His son Wesley was now in the care of Tom's brother Rudy, who was seeking a seat in the United States Senate. Also living in the household was Billy, Rudy's stepson, and much of the ongoing storyline concentrated on the tension between the two ambitious boys. Also crucial to the plot was Rudy's protracted battle with Charles Estep, the mysterious billionaire owner of Tricorp. Returning from the original series was Anthony Falconetti, who had served time for the murder of Tom Jordache and was now free and intent on disposing of Rudy as well. The series ended ambiguously, with the two men lying bleeding in the street following a shootout, their fates left to be determined by the viewers.

Actors: Sorrell Booke, Susan Sullivan, Kimberly Beck, William Smith, Penny Peyser, Dimitra Arliss, Ken Swofford, G.D. Spradlin, Kay Lenz, Leigh J. McCloskey, Laraine Stephens, Barry Sullivan, Peter Haskell, George Gaynes, Cassie Yates, Gregg Henry, John Anderson, Peter Donat, J
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Season 1 of Rich Man, Poor Man Book II

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