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Watch Black Sheep Squadron online: Episode 21 Poor Little Lambs

Returning from Espritos on a 'borrowed' plane Pappy, Anderson and Boyle run into trouble. Boyle pilots the plane as Pappy and Anderson nap in the back and wakes them to tell them they must be lost. They've been in the air too long and should have reached Vella La Cava. Turns out the needle on the compass was stuck and now they are lost and running out of fuel. They spot an island and turn towards it. They are forced to parachute out. All three land on the island, but they become separated and do not know the status of the others. The island is Japanese occupied. Hearing the plane come down and seeing the parachutes, the Japanese send troups to investigate. Pappy lands very close to the enemy and they surround him as he is trying to get free of his chute. They are interupted by a jeep driving through and Pappy uses the opportunity to escape into the jungle. As the Japanese scoure the area to find the three men, Anderson and Boyle find each other and wonder about Pappy. Anderso

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