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Watch JJ Starbuck online: Episode 14 The 6% Solution

A realtor finds success in selling houses to a couple, getting his 6% commission, then ordering one of his agents to seduce one member of the couple to break up their marriage. After the break up, the couple sells their house and the realtor gets his 6% again; then he sells each of member of the couple another place and gets another 6% from those sales. When one of his disgruntled clients and one of his former agents plan to report his activities, the realtor decides to take them out. His plan involves getting the agent to go to the client's house and on the night of a party, he goes there via helicopter and he programs his phone to forward a call from a client to the man's house. When he gets there he shoots the client and afterwards the client calls him and after speaking to him the realtor arrives and he shoots him, making it appear like a murder-suicide. J.J. who is a friend of the client arrives for the funeral and comforts the wife and he can't help but wonder why the realtor is

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