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What is The Bill Dana Show about?
BILL DANA, comedian/writer, created a character called JOSE JIMENEZ for the STEVE ALLEN SHOW. This led to a series of successful records and nightclub appearances. BILL's character JOSE JIMENEZ (right in photo), is a Mexican immigrant who works as a bellhop at the PARK CENTRAL HOTEL. He had a bachelor room there and ate in the hotel kitchen. He was portrayed as somewhat naive, yet he tried to find the good in people. His fellow bellhop, EDDIE (GARY CROSBY), kept trying to wise him up. The hotel manager, MR. PHILLIPS (JONATHAN HARRIS,left in photo), was not too understanding towards JOSE. Not-so-bright hotel detective, BYRON GLICK (DON ADAMS, middle in photo) didn't help matters either. WALTER MITTY dream-like incidents were a brief respite from the hotel life. FIRST SEASON: September 1963-September 1964 (including reruns) 1964 NBC Sunday 7:00 pm-7:30 pm SECOND SEASON: September 1964-January 1965 NBC Sunday 8:30 pm-9:00 pm Unable to determine when SECOND SEASON started,

Actors: Don Adams, Amzie Strickland, Jonathan Harris, Bill Dana, Margaret Ann Peterson, Gary Crosby

Season 1 of The Bill Dana Show

Season 2 of The Bill Dana Show

    Episode 5: unknown  
    Episode 9: unknown  
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