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What is Duet about?
Duet was a romantic comedy focused on mystery writer Ben Coleman and caterer Laura Kelly as they dealt with all the ups and downs of a relationship, from courtship to marriage. With them every step of the way (whether they liked it or not) were Laura's quirky sister Jane; Ben's self-centered, neurotic best friend Richard and his demanding wife Linda (whom Ben once dated); and Ben's loyal dog, Reuben. In 1989, this series was revamped and retitled Open House. Both shows were repeated on Lifetime in the early 1990s.

Actors: Alison La Placa, Jodi Thelen, Bo, Ginger Orsi, Arleen Sorkin, Chris Lemmon, Larry Poindexter, Mary Page Keller, Matthew Laurance
Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of Duet

    Episode 1: Prelude  
    Episode 2: Overture  
    Episode 12: Trio  
    Episode 13: Passage  

Season 2 of Duet

    Episode 1: Apart  

Season 3 of Duet

    Episode : Role Call  
    Episode 1: Partners  
    Episode 2: Deja Two  
    Episode 5: Oh, Boy!  
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