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Watch All Along the Watchtower online: Episode 2 Wet Wet Wet

Tench is in love. He worships Heather, Heather the weather girl. He went as far as taping her to watch her later. Where does heather get numbers? You guest it from the RAF weather station now run by Harrison and Tench. To bad they do not know how it works. Wing commander is having a fit. No one should know about the weather. It is top secret. No should even talk about it. Wing commander decides to go down to the pub to listen and write down what people say. The pub now has a beer garden with 2 umbrellas and few chairs as it pours. Ian wants people to enjoy the beer garden as chucks down and hurricane winds. Fisherman Andy andFraser the Fisherman are enjoying making fun of Ian's beer garden. Now the pub has a leaks. Harrison decides to bet that the monthly total will be highest ever because he is fixing the numbers. Then he can win $10,000 in the contest. Meanwhile its sports day this week at Auchnacluchnie primary school. Callum the only schoolboy is in all the events. Before th

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