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What is Houston Knights about?
Welcome to the Houston Knights guide at TV Tome. A crime drama set in Houston, Texas with a partnership where two very different persons from two different cultures are teamed up to solve crimes and become close friends. Michael Pare` plays Chicago detective, Joey LaFiamma, who has family connections to the Chicago mob. In the line of duty he kills a high ranking mob member. When a contract is put out on his life, his family asks his Lieutenant to transfer him to a different city and they pick Houston. In Houston Joe is teamed up with Michael Beck who plays Houston detective, Levon Lundy. Levon has a family history of law enforcement; his grandfather was a Texas Ranger. So you have Michael Beck as a die-hard Texan meeting Michael Pare the city boy from a huge family coming head to head. If you have some pictures of the main actors and or some pictures of the show please upload them.

Actors: Michael Paré, Michael Beck, Robyn Douglass, John Hancock

Season 1 of Houston Knights

    Episode 7: Bad Girl  
    Episode 9: Colt  

Season 2 of Houston Knights

    Episode 4: Gun Shy  
    Episode 9: Secrets  
    Episode 18: Burnout  
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