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What is Robin's Hoods about?
Welcome to the Robin's Hoods guide at TV Tome. <br><br> Upon the death of her husband Brett Robin inherits Jake's lifelong dream, a popular nightclub called 'Robin's Nest'. Brett also inherits five very unusual employees : four beautiful young women and one handsome young man who are all on parole as first-time offenders<br><br> Brett Robin, a smart and sophisticated former assistant district attorney, recently widowed when her husband, Jake, a police officer, is murdered in the line of duty. Upon his death, Brett inherits Jake's lifelong dream, a new nightclub called Robin's Nest, only to find that the staff Jake hired are more than just employees - they are all on parole as first-time offenders who, because of Jake, are getting a chance to straighten out their lives.<br><br> Inclined at first to sell the club, Brett soon finds it difficult to walk away from her husband's dream and put these five adults back in prison, knowing Jake believed in them.<br><br>

Actors: Linda Purl, Rick Springfield, David Gail, Jennifer Lynn Campbell, Mayte Vilan, Thom Bierdz, Gretchen Palmer, Julie McCullough, Claire Yarlett

Season 1 of Robin's Hoods

    Episode 1: Pilot  
    Episode 3: ?  
    Episode 4: ?  
    Episode 6: ?  
    Episode 8: Bad Girl  
    Episode 9: ?  
    Episode 10: ?  
    Episode 11: ?  
    Episode 12: ?  
    Episode 13: ?  
    Episode 14: Reunion  
    Episode 15: ?  
    Episode 16: ?  
    Episode 17: ?  
    Episode 18: ?  
    Episode 19: ?  
    Episode 20: ?  
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