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Watch Mercy Peak online: Episode 9 All's Fair

When Dana goes to visit a pregnant friend, Kyra, she thinks may have put her baby son in the washing machine. Dana finds this isn't so, but when she checks on the baby, she finds the child is dead. Dana is even more disturbed when Kyra doesn't mention her strange behaviour to William or Ken. Dana shares her worries with Todd, who thinks Kyra's partner Baz should be informed. What if she tries to harm their next child? Dana feels torn about breaching confidentiality, and is relieved when William shoulders the burden. William sees this as a golden opportunity to take issue with Rhonda, the midwife, who has snaffled most of his birthing business. Rhonda is thrown by the implication she's missed Kyra's problems. Dana visits Kyra to find her in a bad way. She removes her from the house, which distresses Baz, particularly as the body of the baby is being returned to the relatives. William supports Kyra. He believes she suffering depression and extreme sleep deprivation, and that she didn't h

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