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Watch Mercy Peak online: Episode 6 More Things In Heaven And Earth

Cliff scoffs at Nicky's belief in tragic love and also suggests that being Pakeha (European) she lacks a spiritual connection. Nicky's not impressed. They witness a pub fight between two women, which everyone assumes is over a man - because one of the women, Materoa is a prostitute. When Materoa brought in, Nicky finds she has a raft of medical problems - and also that her pneumonia is in fact tuberculosis. They now need a list of Materoa's contacts. One of the names she supplies is Manu Bishop, CEO of the local iwi authority and the guy who pays part of Cliff's wages. Cliff takes up this delicate matter and gets the clear message that Materoa is being malicious. Materoa agrees, but is unrepentant. Her condition worsens and Nicky is worried that the treatment doesn't seem to be working. She also feels that Cliff has written off Materoa. Cliff thinks that some people don't want to be helped, but also he's discovered Materoa's backstory. She was in love with Manu Bishop's son. They were

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