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Watch Mercy Peak online: Episode 5 Paternal Feeling

When Alistair sees a man bullying his son, he wants to intervene. Alistair also feels anger towards his own father. Since he's twigged about William's affair with Louise, he feels he was dragged back to Bassett under false pretences. He feels sucked in badly, but unable to confront his feelings with William. Meanwhile, the psych survivors have a house, but hit a rock in the form of the council rezoning plans. William assures Gabrielle and supporters that things will work out, but Gabrielle doesn't trust William. One of the most vocal opponents of the psych survivors' house is Malcolm Sweet, councillor and sporting goods salesman. Malcolm's kid is admitted with concussion. Because Alistair saw Malcolm bully his son earlier and the kid has old bruising, Alistair is worried. But he also starts to suspect the kid may have some kind of disorder. He discusses his concerns with Malcolm's estranged wife, Sheryn. The conclusion she draws from their conversation is not what Alistair intended. Ke

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