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Watch Mercy Peak online: Episode 4 For The Greater Good

When a young guy who works at Beckhovens Pork Factory gets his hand trapped in a mincer, Nicky also discovers he is using speed on the job. The factory owner Eric, is stressed about possible OSH prosecution and knows that some of his workers are using drugs. Nicky suggests something he could do... William is unimpressed to find that Nicky is organising drug testing for the workers at Beckhovens. William feels that doctors should maintain their objectivity and not take sides. Nicky argues this is an issue of public health and safety, she's trying to be preventative. William lets her go to experience the consequences of her actions... Dana meanwhile is banking on the overtime from the factory because her boyfriend, Todd works there. They want to buy a house together. Her mother Arlene takes a dim view of Todd and undermines them. Todd is sweating about the drug testing, since he uses both speed and dope. But he decides on a nifty way around the problem and gets Dana's son Jordan to provi

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