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Watch Mercy Peak online: Episode 2 Her Secret Passion

Nicky is called to an emergency at Bassett High, where 13-year-old Hayley is in the final throes of labour. Despite limited experience, Nicky delivers the baby. She also meets the local midwife Rhonda, who doubles as Bassett's hairdresser. Nicky is keen to keep on-side with William, but wants to follow Hayley's case through. The plan that Hayley's parents will adopt the baby is thrown out when they discover that the baby is brown so the father must be Maori or Polynesian. Nicky starts to share their concerns that Hayley may have been abused in some way. She is not impressed with the social worker, Cliff, who seems to take a very casual attitude to the whole deal. Fired up, she calls on the help of local cop, Ken. Despite his apparent lack of enthusiasm, he pursues some enquiries, which take him to Kieran Masefield's vineyard where Martin Tiaki works. Nicky continues to disagree with Cliff, then gets in the middle of a confrontation, where Kieran wants more information on Martin. He gav

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