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What is Three's Company about?
A man shares an apartment with two women and pretends to be gay so the landlord won't kick him out in this popular bedroom farce. Loaded with pratfalls and double entendres, and unapologetically silly, the sitcom was based on the British show `Man About the House.' There were several cast changes, but it was the charm of---and the chemistry among---the three original leads that turned this into a huge success. The roommates' landlords, 'The Ropers,' left for their own show in 1979.

Actors: John Ritter, Norman Fell, Don Knotts, Jenilee Harrison, Priscilla Barnes, Audra Lindley, Jordan Charney, Suzanne Somers, Ann Wedgeworth, Joyce DeWitt, Richard Kline
Genre: Comedy

    Episode 48: -  

Season 1 of Three's Company

Season 2 of Three's Company

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    Episode 4: The Fast  

Season 4 of Three's Company

    Episode 4: Snow Job  

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