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What is Room for Two about?
Welcome to the Room for Two guide at TV Tome. Show Type: Situation Comedy<BR> First Telecast: March 24, 1992<BR> Last Telecast: July 6, 1993<BR> Episodes: 26 Episodes, 2 Unaired<BR> Recently widowed Edie arrives in New York to visit her daughter, Jill, a successful morning TV show producer on "Wake Up, New York." A twist of fate finds Edie getting a job doing a daily commentary on the show, while driving her daughter crazy in the process. Also working on the show were Jill's assitant, Naomi Dillon, and the dignified hosts, Diahnn Bourdreau and Reid Ellis. Ken Kazurinsky was Edie's eccentric inventor neighbor who runs a mail order catalogue, with whom a romantic chemistry was hinted at (though never pursued); and Matt Draughon was Jill's boyfriend, a biology teacher. Many episodes ended with Edie giving her commentary, then throwing her hands in the air, exclaiming, "I'm Edie Kurland. It's just a thought!" Alice star Linda Lavin's return to te

Actors: Patricia Heaton, Bess Meyer, John Putch, Andrew Prine, Jeff Yagher, Linda Lavin, Peter Michael Goetz, Paula Kelly

Season 1 of Room for Two

    Episode 1: Pilot  
    Episode 4: Help  
    Episode 6: Psyched!  

Season 2 of Room for Two

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