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What is Soldier Soldier about?
Soldier, Soldier was a drama series which followed the lives of the Kings Own Fusilier's regiment.

Actors: Ben Nealon, Holly Aird, Peter Wingfield, Chris Gascoyne, Duncan Bell, Lesley Vickerage, Sarah Smart, Dougray Scott, Robson Green, Robert Gwilym, Rakie Ayola, Gary Love, Angela Clarke, Jerome Flynn, Angus McFadyen, Tracy Whitwell, Biddy Hodson, Akim Mogaji, Timothy

Season 1 of Soldier Soldier

Season 2 of Soldier Soldier

Season 3 of Soldier Soldier

    Episode 4: Fall out  
    Episode 13: Leaving  

Season 4 of Soldier Soldier

    Episode 3: Damage  

Season 5 of Soldier Soldier

    Episode 4: Bushed  
    Episode 5: Far Away  
    Episode 6: Ill Wind  
    Episode 10: Leaving  

Season 6 of Soldier Soldier

    Episode 8: Dear Joe  
    Episode 11: Beast  

Season 7 of Soldier Soldier

    Episode 8: Out  
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