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What is My Pet Monster about?
Welcome to the My Pet Monster guide at TV Tome! My Pet Monster is an animated series centered around a plush toy creation that was manufactured and sold by the AmToy toy company in the year 1986. The series involved a young boy, named Max, who goes to a toy store looking to purchase a new toy in the hopes that he will find a new best friend. What he finds is an odd looking monster with a pink face and purple body which also happens to wear mysterious cuffs around it's wrists. Max purchases the monster and returns home. He inspects the cuffs and attempts to remove them. In succeeding, he watches in amazement as his curious looking toy magically comes to life; growing six feet tall and having an appetite for garbage! What ensues shortly after are a series of capricious adventures involving Max, Monster (yes, that is the name he was given) and many of their friends (including Max's sister Jill and his friend, Chuckie) as they try to maintain the secret of Monster

Actors: Sunny Besen Thrasher, Tracey Moore, Jeff McGibbon, Robert Cait, Simon Reynolds, Graham Haley, Alyson Court, Dan Hennessey, Stuart Stone, Colin Fox, Maxine Miller, Noam Zylberman, Mary Long, Tara Strong
Genre: Children

Season 1 of My Pet Monster

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