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Watch Operation Good Guys online: Episode 5 Viva Espana

Operation Zorro has at last arrived. The Good Guys are making final preparations for the trip to Spain where the Operation will take place. Problems immediately arise when they find their luggage is over weight thanks to Beach's trunk, Strings' guitar and the Commissioner's golf clubs, which Mark Kemp (his nephew) is taking to his villa for him. There are further problems when Beach looks at Ray's nine-year-old passport and notices that the photo shows a younger Ray with more hair than he has now and insists Ray wears a wig to get through Passport control. At the airport later Mark leaves his uncle's clubs unattended and they get blown up. Ray and de Sade end up dropping Beach's trunk on his foot. In desperate need of some pain killers Beach ends up taking de Sade's special forces pain killers only to learn they are very powerful and have weird side effects. He turns over control to Ray just before he starts hallucinating. After a rather disturbed journey thanks to a manic Beach the Go

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