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Watch Operation Good Guys online: Episode 3 Forensics

The Good Guys begin the next stage of their training, forensics. They are sent to the scene of a sweet shop robbery to look for fingerprints and evidence. Beach and Ray however spend the whole investigation gorging themselves on the sweets and chocolates talking about things like the colour of aniseed balls and the best type of chocolate bar. The investigation is ruined when it turns out that Beach is not wearing gloves and all the prints they have found are his. Plus the robber was wearing gloves anyway. However they do find a blood and hair sample near a broken window. They decide to go to the hospital and knick anyone who has recently been admitted with a cut head. They end up bringing in some quite badly injured people for questioning and Beach is soon convinced they have the man. Not only has he a cut head but he also has a quarter of a pound of cola cubes on him. The lady from the shop however says it's not the right man though Beach is convinced still and believes the forensics

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