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Hollywood comes to Hendon in the form of Jude Law and Jonny Lee Miller. Whilst Jude observes Ash and Beach, Jonny is sent out with de Sade and the ART to do observation at the commissioner's house, which is being renovated. However they don't' know they're being filmed so de Sade and Bill set about stripping the house of anything they think they can flog, including all the plumbing which causes a flood and destroys the upper floors. Beach meanwhile tries to demonstrate the art of trailing criminals by trying to trail Jude and Ash. He fails dismally. He then takes Jude home to meet his mother. Bones meanwhile after eating some of his homemade butter goes out vigilante crime fighting with Mark on the underground. Their patrol is cut short when Bones has a severe case of gut rot from his butter and after failing to find a toilet is forced to go to the loo in his rucksack. Later on the streets a thugs runs past them and whips Bones bag. Bones and Mark give chase and arrest him. Bones then

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