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Watch Operation Good Guys online: Episode 1 Back to School

Following the cancellation of Operation Good Guys, the Commissioner has decided to send Beach and his team back to Hendon for re-training before the Good Guys set off for their new assignment, Operation Zorro. Beach meanwhile after pleading with the BBC bosses has persuaded them to commission a new series of the documentary. He promises them that Operation Zorro will be spectacular. The Good Guys, now back in uniform arrive at Hendon and meet their Staff Sgt (or Staff as he's known). Staff is a tough man and picks on Beach mercilessly and insists on calling him Bitch. Mark meanwhile is appointed as Staff's assistant but only after Staff finds out that Mark is the commissioner's nephew. The Good Guys all have sessions with a therapist and go through rigorous training and Mark loves being able to boss them all about. They split into two teams for a teamwork exercise and Beach and Strings are the captains. Ash is a little surprised when Beach chooses de Sade and Bill Zeebub from the ART a

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