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Watch Operation Good Guys online: Episode 5 Safe as Houses

Funding for Operation Good Guys hits an all time low. Things are so desperate that the electricity has been cut off at the office. Meanwhile a key witness on Smiler McCarthy has decided to come forward and expose McCarthy on national TV in exchange for police protection. The witness is none other than Mad Frankie Frazer. The Good Guys take him to a safe house or to be more accurate, Kim Finch's house, as they can't get a proper safe house. However his arrival is not much of a secret when the Good Guys put on a welcome party for him. Then later Mark brings his family round to meet Frankie despite the fact no one must know he's there. Back at the office meanwhile Ash is trying in vain to get the electricity going with a portable generator in time for the broadcast. Kim is getting more irritated by the Good Guys constant presence in her house especially because Strings keeps putting his feet on her sofa and Bones keeps blocking up the toilet. This also angers Frankie when Bones offers him

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