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Watch Operation Good Guys online: Episode 3 Frisk 'em

Beach has decided to enlist the help of US cop Lou ""Frisk 'em"" Ferrino in their latest attempt to nab Smiler McCarthy. When Ferrino arrives he is quick to mock The Good Guys efforts and much to Beach's anger proceeds to take over. He sets up an exchange with Smiler McCarthy of $500,000 for 2,000,000 of counterfeit money. He has placed the money in a bag, which is rigged with aluminium dye, which will explode over Smiler as soon as he opens the bag thereby marking him and pinning this job on him (thus creating grounds for an arrest). The plan backfires when Mark Kemp decides he wants to see half a million dollars as he'll never get the chance again. He opens the bag and covers all the Good Guys (apart from Beach who is in his office telling Ferrino that they are the best in the force). They are forced to use new tactics. They send Gary Barwick rigged with a camera into a pub to meet one of Smiler's men to find out when McCarthy will be taking the fake money. Instead Gary gets drunk and

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