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Watch Operation Good Guys online: Episode 1 The Informant

Operation Good Guys has been set up catch notorious villain Smiler McCarthy. Led by DI Beach the group of officers assigned to Operation Good Guys are the most inept bunch of coppers imaginable. When a possible informant on Smiler McCarthy's next move comes forward the men are forced to sit though a session with a punk hair dresser to get the time and place of Smiler's next job. They are told that shoot has been organised and the man involved is a major player. Thinking this could be Smiler McCarthy the Good Guys lie in wait for him to arrive the venue they have been given by the informant. A car arrives and the Good Guys descend on its occupants who turn out to include footballer David Seaman (the major player) who has turned up for a photo shoot. Beach soon finds himself facing a lawsuit from Seaman's solicitors. De Sade meanwhile discovers that the so-called informant is in fact a one Lennie McCarthy, Smiler's cousin. The incident leaves Seaman unable to play in the World Cup and En

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