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What is Mr. Adams and Eve about?
Welcome to the Mr. Adams and Eve guide at TV Tome.Mr. Adams and Eve cast real-life husband and wife movie stars Ida Lupino and Howard Duff as Howard Adams and his wife Eve Drake, also film stars. The "inside Hollywood" flavor of the show was played up for comic effect as the two stars dealt with their studio, their agent and other Hollywood complications. Many of the situations were taken directly from incidents in the Duff's real-life.In addition to Lupino and Duff, the cast included Hayden Rorke ("I Dream of Jeannie"), Alan Reed ("The Flintstones") and Olive Carey (wife of actor Harry Carey). Sadly, this show has been entangled in legal difficulties for years and many of the shows are believed to be lost or misplaced.

Actors: Hayden Rorke, Patrick Wayne, Olive Carey, Ida Lupino, Alan Reed, Howard Duff

Season 1 of Mr. Adams and Eve

    Episode 2: Typical  

Season 2 of Mr. Adams and Eve

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