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What is Mission: Impossible about?
This 7-year series chronicled the adventures of the Impossible Mission Taskforce (IMF), a team of government spies and specialists who were assigned "impossible missions" by the unseen "Secretary". Although the cast varied over the years, the main characters included The Team Leader (Dan Briggs the first season, then Jim Phelps the other six), The Techno-Wizard (Barney Collier), The Strongman (Willy Armitage), The Master of Disguise (first Rollin Hand, then The Amazing Paris), and The Femme Fatale (Cinnamon Carter, Casey, Dana Lambert, Mimi Davis). The series is best known for its opening mission assignment (conducted by a pre-recorded tape), the leader's selection of mission agents from a dossier, the opening briefing, the intricate use of disguises and a typical "mask pulloff" scene near the end of most episodes, and the relative lack of characterization of the characters.

Actors: Barbara Anderson, Lynda Day George, Steven Hill, Martin Landau, Leonard Nimoy, Barbara Bain, Sam Elliott, Bob Johnson, Peter Graves, Lesley Ann Warren, Greg Morris, Peter Lupus
Genre: Action and Adventure
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Season 1 of Mission: Impossible

    Episode : Holograms  
    Episode : The Wall  
    Episode : The Pawn  
    Episode : The Lions  
    Episode : The Greek  
    Episode : The Fixer  
    Episode : Spy  
    Episode : Reprisal  
    Episode : Submarine  
    Episode : Bayou  
    Episode 1: Pilot  
    Episode 2: Memory  
    Episode 7: Wheels  
    Episode 12: Fakeout  
    Episode 13: Elena  
    Episode 23: Action!  
    Episode 25: Shock  

Season 2 of Mission: Impossible

    Episode : Countdown  
    Episode : War Games  
    Episode : Banshee  
    Episode 2: Trek  
    Episode 4: The Bank  
    Episode 9: The Seal  
    Episode 10: Charity  
    Episode 16: The Spy  

Season 3 of Mission: Impossible

    Episode 9: The Play  
    Episode 21: Nitro  
    Episode 22: Nicole  

Season 4 of Mission: Impossible

    Episode 1: The Code  
    Episode 9: Robot  
    Episode 17: Chico  
    Episode 20: Terror  
    Episode 22: Orpheus  

Season 5 of Mission: Impossible

    Episode 5: Flight  
    Episode 8: Decoy  
    Episode 10: Hunted  
    Episode 18: Blast  

Season 6 of Mission: Impossible

    Episode 1: Blind  
    Episode 2: Encore  
    Episode 3: The Tram  
    Episode 4: Mindbend  
    Episode 5: Shape-Up  
    Episode 9: Invasion  
    Episode 12: Nerves  
    Episode 17: Image  
    Episode 22: Trapped  

Season 7 of Mission: Impossible

    Episode 1: Break!  
    Episode 3: The Deal  
    Episode 4: Leona  
    Episode 6: Cocaine  
    Episode 8: Movie  
    Episode 9: Hit  
    Episode 11: Kidnap  
    Episode 19: Speed  
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