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What is Club Buggery about?
Roy and HG's variety show from the late 90's.<br/><br/> Roy and HG started on the ABC on Friday nights at 10:30 in 1995 in a program which was introduced as "This Sporting Life presents Roy Slaven and HG Nelson" and was listed in TV guides as simply Roy & HG. It sort of replaced Live and Sweaty that finished the previous year.<br/><br/> Club Buggery was on at 9:30 on Saturday nights and ran in 1996 and 1997.<br/><br/> From 1998 they had done 90 shows for the ABC up to that point, 28 in 1997.<br/><br/> In 1998 there were 10 shows called the "Channel 9 Show with Roy & HG" starting April 4 at 9:30 on Saturday. The Channel 9 moniker was in reference to rumours the pair were heading for the Packer network.<br/><br/> Later in 1998 there were a series of shows (10?) from England called "Planet Norwich" on Saturdays at 9:30.

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