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Watch Cybersix online: Episode 13 The Final Confrontation

A living island created by Dr Von Reichter begins making its way to Meridina harbour and he tells Jose that its programmed to explode once it arrives. Jose is furious because he wanted to rule Meridiana but his ""father"" tells him he's tired of his many failures and wants to wipe the slate clean but first he wants to conclude matters with Cybersix. Realizing what's going on Cybersix reveals her identity to Lori (who tells Lucas) before heading off to Von Reichter's seaside mansion to face her creator. He tells her he's impressed by the potential she's shown and offers to free her from her dependance on the ""sustainance"" fluid if she serves him. When she refuses he releases his creatures but inspired by Cybersix's rebellion they turn on him. Cybersix manages to divert the island from Meridiana and it arrives at and destroys the mansion while she's fleeing the grounds. Is this the end of Cybersix

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