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Watch Kablam online: Episode 11 You May Already Be A Kablammer

Action League Now Hit of Horror: K-Podge creates a song which hypnotises people to destroy the Action League, so Bill The Lab Guy calls Lou Rawls to Help. Prometheus & Bob Laundry:Prometheus and Bob sit in a hot spring while washing laundry, until an alien ruins the fun. Life with Loopy In the Doghouse:Loopy gets aressted by the guad dog next door while looking for her frisbee. Hockey Monkey Adults everywhere are looking for a Monkey and some kids who are playing hockey together. Music by Jimminy Kroekel and The Zambonis. Henry & June Theme Sidekick: A ""sidekick"" arrives, Jimmie McGee (an Ed McMahon type, blue tux), to laugh at Henry and June's jokes in case the audience doesn't get them.

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