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What is Turn-On about?
Turn-on was a fast paced comedy that featured computerized music and stop action photography. The show was immediately canceled when it was discovered to have double entendres and hidden meanings. Here is an example: A beautiful woman is about to be executed by a firing squad;the squad leader approaches the woman and instead of saying the usual"Do you have a last request?" says, "I know this may seem a little awkward miss, but in this case the firing squad has one last request." It is the shortest running t.v series ever.

Actors: Carol Wayne, Teresa Graves, Hamilton Camp, Carlo Manteca, Alma Murphy, Bob Staats, Debbie Macomber, Cecile Ozorio, Ken Greenwald, Chuck McCann, Maura McGiveney, Bonnie Boland, Mel Stuart, Maxine Greene

Season 1 of Turn-On

    Episode 1: One  
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